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The New Nokia E72 is a Perfect Fit For Today's on the Go Lifestyle

The New Nokia E72 is a Perfect Fit For Today’s on the Go Lifestyle

The Nokia E72 is one of the best Nokia phones. It is comparable to other Nokia E-series phones in that it is designed for business people and business entrepreneurs. Besides, it retains all the glossy features of its predecessor, Nokia E-71 with additional superb modification that easily attracts everyone. It is in fact a power phone that many people will desire to have.

Features of Nokia E72

The superb features of Nokia E72 include mobile email, instant messaging, calendar and almost all other features of E71. The most enticing feature of Nokia E72 is its graceful design. It makes it a cell phone meant for business people because of its reliability and efficiency.

For a business person who is constantly on the go it is a personal assistant; always there for them. It is thus possible to convince a business person to change to Nokia E72 because of its enhancements. With it you have an upgraded E71 with many added features.

New features of Nokia E72

Nokia E72 comes with new features that include Symbian OS 9.3, USB charging, accelerator and magnetometer sensors and a digital compass. Above all, Nokia E72 is designed with an optical Navi key that surpasses the standard D-pad. This newest addition will thrill users as it enhances scrolling through emails, menus, images, and the internet browser because it is an optical sensor that is more superior to closely spaced buttons. It saves the user time and makes him feel, “I have value for my money”.

Other new features include 600MHz processor to enhance its performance to a high level, double amount ROM, HSDPA support of up to 10.2Mbps, a Tri-band that replaces the Duo-band and an improved CPU clock speed. The functional keys have the look of a metal polish making Nokia E72 to be user friendly. It has a display of 2.4 inches with a QVGA resolution making it useable in direct sunlight.

Nokia E72 is perfectly suited and designed for corporate people. It is a stylish mobile phone that can meet all your needs. Besides being a business phone, it is also rating high on lustrous features thus, can fit other users in search of a cute looking and hip phone.

In conclusion, this is the smartest phone you can choose. It is so reliable that you cannot afford not to have it. Indeed Nokia had you in mind when designing this fantastic phone.