Profit from the Mistakes of Others

Many Internet users are inexperienced and make a lot of mistakes. Learn how to profit from these errors, and how to make sure that no one will profit from your mistakes!


The Pokemon Problem
One of the most common mistakes people make when they are looking for something on the web is misspelling the site name. This happens constantly and can mean a big loss of revenue if you don’t take it into account.

For example, Pokemon has been one of the most popular search phrases on web search engines for months. But unfortunately for Nintendo, the owners of the Pokemon franchise, a lot of people don’t know how to spell Pokemon correctly! Lycos recently published their raw information for a week of searches, and Pokeman (with an a) came up higher than Pokemon (with an o).

What does this mean for Nintendo? It means that a ton of their fans ended up at the Pokeman site instead of the Pokemon site! That means Nintendo is losing out on a lot of money because of people’s simple mistakes.

Capitalize on people’s mistakes by anticipating them. Brainstorm all the ways one someone could misspell your company name, product or site name. Take the most common misspellings and use these words as keywords when you develop your site meta tags, and consider registering additional domain names for the misspelled versions. This will direct a lot more visitors to your site. Think how much more Nintendo could be making if they had done this!

The White House Sex Problem
No matter where you look nowadays, dot-com jumps out at you. You see it on the sides of busses, in magazines, on TV, everywhere! Because of this, most people assume that if you have a web site, it is a .com web site. Many people don’t even know that .gov, .edu, .net or other top-level domains even exist.

The entrepreneurs at www.whitehouse.com (warning-adult subject matter) knew this. They took advantage of the White House name and have turned it into a huge draw for their adult site. Anyone looking for the real White House ( www.whitehouse.gov) that stumbles upon the adult site is in for a shock

You can use this type of mistake to your advantage by registering .com versions of your domain names if you haven’t done so already. This is especially important for .net, .org and foreign

sites. Register the .com domain in addition to whatever the technically correct domain is for your site. Have both domain names point to your web site. This costs almost nothing to do. Not only will this bring more people to your site, but it can avoid embarrassing situations like the White House one!

More Common Mistakes
These are just a couple of examples of common mistakes that you can take advantage of to make your site more profitable. Taking these types of mistakes into account can also help your viewers by making your site easier to find.

If you have ideas on other ways to take advantage of common web surfer mistakes, leave a message in the comment area!

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