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How Not to Get Your Film Financed

The following is an extract of information exchanged between a film producer/writer/director and his friends who I had contacted not long ago only to discover that regardless of what you read on the internet, regardless of what other people say about you, regardless of how much false information there is out there about you, you can never trust anyone in the film industry and you should figure out how to finance your own projects without relying on others to do it for you!

My responses and corrections to the poor chaps leanings and musings and anticipatory drivel are in brackets next to his words posted at some Indie Producer club that is more akin to a bar full of drunk soul less money hungry mavens of moviedom.

I got an email from a guy who said he likes the art work for “I, Creator” and asked me to give him a bid to make a 90 minute animated movie that could be put on TV. (I thought from his web site that he was producing animations, but that was just the artwork for his trailer).

Dummy me, told him I have two distributors waiting on the live action feature. Animated? I said, like a fool, it looks like he will miss the boat. It’s more like I missed the boat on that opportunity. Damn! (The query about doing animation was simply done out of curiosity rather than a sincere desire to hire this wanna-be film maker).

The offer came from Gaberiel (SIC) Acts. I’ve been trying to find out who he is. He has credits as an actor with the Bravo channel. (Not sure where he got that from, but I have never been an actor appearing on the Bravo Channel.)

It sounds more like he would want me to produce it and he would fund it, if the price is right. (I would fund it if I had the money, but I never said I would fund it, I was merely inquiring about this man’s talents and ability and level of intelligence, and never made any sort of offer, but rather expression of interest out of curiosity – I really do hate the horror flick genre – it is so stupid, really!).

If he has the bucks, I can put together the team. I know very good storyboard artists, animators, and a GREAT sound recording studio for the voice overs. (sic) It would just cost him big bucks. (If I had the bucks, I would not need him to put together my team, my team would already be in place before I got the bucks, but finding intelligent team players is getting harder and harder because not one film producer or director in this country has any money – the money is all owned or controlled by bankers.)

So, maybe I really didn’t blow the deal. Who knows? (How can you blow a deal when there was no deal even started to begin with?)

I’ve worked on animatics (sic) before and have all the right connections for the right price. Such a production would be VERY costly. You’re right James. I’d get the cast of I, CREATOR to do the voice over’s for their characters and make sure they got pro rates for doing it. And, I have a friend who would coach them who records voice over’s for a living. Because doing voice over’s has some differences from straight acting. (All of a sudden this guy is plotting on how to come up with the people to match the delusional funding this guy thinks he might be onto, rather than creating the money for himself first and then getting the talent)

I’d find a way to get the crew some paying work too. (How generous of you!)

I’m getting ahead of myself, (he was way ahead of the bell, even before the horse was hooked up to the cart) but I’d get some people here to help with a big budget animated movie and have all the post work done by THE CUTTING EDGE. They have quite a resume of big budget ads, commercials, and TV productions.

But, I must keep my eyes on the prize and get I, CREATOR on DVD out in the market. And, I will. Even as I type this I’m fixing up more of the movie.

Reality check:

Gabriel Acts is most likely an actor, as his credits indicate, who wants to turn to producing. So, he is green with the producing part of the industry. (Wrong assumption again, while I have acted in plays both on the street and in theatres, and have appeared in numerous indie tv shows and other such nonsense, I am far from being a professional actor and after reading all this guys drivel and exchanges with his friends I must say I am both humored, laughing on the floor, and disgusted all at the same time by the magnitude of ignorance that is rampant in cyberspace).

I just heard back from Gabriel Acts.

He wants to know who my distributors are and how much am I asking for the movie.

You guys should know from past threads my distributors are Round Table Cinema in Japan and BigStar.TV in Florida. (Never heard of them and don’t care, I was just curious if you had anyone really major lined up to distribute your film)

I replied, I’m not looking to sell the movie, just DVDs of the movie to start up a fan base for the characters and story to lay out the seeds for bigger stuff with the characters and story in the future. The distributors I’m dealing with are non-exclusive and I retain all the rights.

He emailed me again and asked how much do I need to produce the sequel. (I didn’t know there was a sequel to a film that hasn’t even been made the first time around)

Let’s see if $2 Million for a cable TV network scares him away. (To a trillionaire that would be like asking for a couple pennies, but to a man as rich as I am, I would not invest in any films, or real estate, or anything but pennies myself, because pennies don’t talk back to you or lie to you like the stock market and financial experts do.)

Money up front, if this guy is for real. That remains to be seen Marius. (Nothing was ever mentioned about money up front, but yes, it takes money to get money, even from crooked bankers).

Yes Marius. I’m waiting to find out. He seems to be interested in a live action version now, since I told him two distributors are waiting to see a live action version. (keyword “seems”)

Thanks James.


He asked me for an amount. I told him $2 Million. I’m waiting to see if that scares him away. He is asking for the cost of making another I, CREATOR. I told him $2 Million to build sets, space for the sets, costumes, a skilled DP with their own equipment in the caliber of the Leonetti brothers, a bigger crew, a bigger cast, locations, and post services.

I’m waiting for his reply.

I’m letting you all in on Gabriel Acts, just to see where this whole caper leads. (So seeking funding for a film deal is a caper?)

I just heard back from Gabriel.

He’s considering executive producing a newer version of I, CREATOR. He claims he’s doing due dilagance (sic) on me. So, the saga continues. The $2 Million did not scare him away. (How did a few emails back and forth turn into a saga?)

Thanks Scott. I’ll believe it when I see it. But, if it is real, I sweetened the pot by recommending an experienced line producer. (How this sweetens anything is anyone’s guess.)

I recommended my friend Doug Bruce to line produce the production and he can call Doug as a reference on me if he wants. Doug has line produced, 1ST ADed, and been a production manager for over 20 years now. Doug has line produced two, three, four, and five million dollar productions and made their shooting schedules. (So what?)

If the guy is for real, he’ll recogonize Doug would be a great asset for such a production. (Since when are people not real, he is assuming immediately that I don’t exist).

I was confused as well, Darlene when he asked me to bid. After doing some due diligence, I see that he lives in Budapest, Hungary. So, English is not his native language. He is an actor and a casting director for a company called King Penny Productions. (I don’t live in Budapest right at the moment but I was born there and did live there, but where I live is irrelevant to the issue of getting a film financed).

I asked him point blank, what is his interest in I, CREATOR. His reply is to be an executive producer and possibly provide the financing after he does due diligence. (Sure, I’ve got about ten scripts sitting around collecting dust that people want financing for between $500K and $35 million but not a single one of them has any real A List Talent behind their scripts or production companies, it’s all just more hot air coming out of the script peddlers penniless poopers).

I also did some research. If we were to shoot this budgeted version in Hungry, (sic) we could use both union and non-union people and the US dollar would be worth something like twice as much. (The guy is a script writer but he cannot spell, and he goes off on this wild tangent about Hungary)

I can see selling the budgeted version to Showtime TV. (Is there an unbudgeted version?) It would be right up their alley. We could make something better than a Roger Corman Production. If we can get a DP like John Leonetti who is great with shooting action and Karen Sheperd as the stunt coordinator with her experience with stunts and fight choreography, we would have some of the best low budget action scenes around. That would be quite a dream team. And, I see it as possible. (If this…, if that…, its all pure delusional mind numbing speculation and a waste of everyone’s time and energy, dropping names left and right of people I never heard of and don’t care to waste time researching).

They’re not asking yet. (referring to up front fees) Scam artists don’t always post that on their web site to begin with. (Anyone who asks for an up front fee is considered a scam artist by this guy) I still remember how productiontrax tried to stiff me with a contract NOT posted on their web site with their stock footage. That’s why I’m not using their stuff. I have too much good stuff from and to worry about them. Let’s first see how the due diligence works out. That’s step number one. (He already knows how many steps there are to get his film funded but has he ever funded a finished product before?)

I’m looking out for the people who made I, CREATOR so desirable to begin with. I want them to benefit by getting paid and working alongside some top industry professionals to take I, CREATOR to the next level. (You get what you pay for Dude!)

I found Gabriel’s profile from other sources. It’s best not to trust his web site. Anyone can put anything they want on their own web site. (And anyone, including the government and SEC lawyers can accuse anyone of anything they want to and if you don’t have the money to defend yourself in the Federal Courts or the Courts of Cyberspace, you are permanently labeled a criminal, con man, crook and can never work in Hollywood ever again. The only crime ever committed by anyone is not having enough money to defend oneself against false reports, false accusations and false judgments, and it does no good to try to defend oneself against them, because you will go insane trying to prove your innocence. It is much better to just expose the attacker, the covert liars, the conniving scoundrels who conduct whisper campaigns and innuendos behind your back and put them away forever into the rotten places from where their minds dwell).


I know he’s joking. But, he should also realize I’ll try to get as many talented people I know involved with this is (sic) the money is real. That’s job one … to see if he and the money are for real. (What money, no one ever mentioned anything about having any money, I simply asked him what his budget was and perhaps I might know someone like my adopted Uncle George Soros who bought DreamWorks Film Library for $900 million.)

A $2 Million production to look like a $200 Million without the names will be a big undertaking, but possible. (What flavor of crack is this guy smoking?)

My friend who produces for the cable TV networks told me that HBO and Showtime buy filler movies from time to time from independent producers. That $2 Million investment can be recouped from one sale to Showtime. They invested in Roger Corman’s bad girls of BLACK SCORPION and VAMPERELLA. Something with better production values would certainly sell. Heck, we’ll pay a good sound crew with the budget, if it is for real.

My bad, he’s with Penny King Productions. (I am not with Penny King Productions, I am the creator, inventor, writer and producer of everything Penny King and his Productions.

Here’s his page: Gabriel Acts Page! (The page belongs to Associated Content. The content is produced by writers for the Infinite Freedom Foundation. Infinite Film Finance helps finance films. It’s a division of a division within a division of a battalion of an infinite supply of money but this guy won’t see a penny of it because what he thinks is real money is in fact phony and what he thinks is phony is in fact myopically blinding his brilliance).

But, as I said, it’s better to look for other sources on him. Once again, he found me. I didn’t find him. It’s a matter of using the Internet to post movie trailers and teasers everywhere, so the right people can find you. It’s a lot cheaper than going to film festivals. (This guy is all over, schmoozing with every woman actress and potential money pocket he can connect with, he’s actively looking for money for his films and he doesn’t take responsibility for even that much of his own life, so how would he even begin to know who I am and what I am really?)

Here’s a page on Penny King Productions:

Penny King Productions

Mike, it’s just a suspicion, but “Gabriel Acts” doesn’t sound like a real name. It sounds like a name based on a play or screenwriting or something. (Duh, What was your first clue?)

Ok now I just checked the description on that profile. “Gabriel Infinitely Acts” is his full name. (A Pen name that is a trademark and copyright of the Infinite Freedom Foundation).

Well, I hope you get your 2 million and that somebody isn’t just getting your hopes up. (The delusional always get their hopes high on their own without help from pen names).

Ps: James, YOU’re not “Gabriel Infinitely Acts” are you? Kinda like playing a joke thing on mike? Sorry to suspise (sic) you but it’s the only thing that makes sense for the way things are presented here with the guy just showing up out of thin air and offering someone he doesn’t know 2 million to make a movie. (I didn’t know humans could perform the same way as money -showing up out of thin air – is the thick air where the film maker wannabes and their lawyers who take up front fees all the time called “retainers” come from?)

It wreaks (sic)of deceit. But I hope for mike’s sake it’s not. (Lawyers on message boards who cannot spell, they should have their secretaries do their postings for them).

It appears that this so called executive producer wants to give our South Afrian friend a run for the money with aliases. Although, Marius is a good guy. (I never said I was an executive producer, I said I was interested in becoming an executive producer which is totally different. Had he asked about how I could become one he would have learned and perhaps gotten past the gates of the barbarians who run the banking system in this country).

I don’t think the same can be said for Garbor (sic) S. Acs. Garbor (sic) seems to be involved with lawsuits and people after him. (No one is after me, if anything I am after anyone who is ignorant, just to educate and enlighten them into the truth, but most people cannot handle the truth because they cannot find themselves and are looking for the truth in everything and everyone else. I am still whatever they perceive me to be after all is read and done).

Gabriel Infintiy (sic) Acts is a.k.a. Garbor S. Acs a.k.a. Penny King Holdings and several other names. ( I have infinite pen names and you will never know me until you “Know Thyself”).

This doesn’t sound good: Garbor (SIC) S. Acs and the US Securities and Exchange Commission

Secutities Info

Distribution Deal

Penny King Stock Patrol Report

Penny Stock Fraud Info

This is why it pays to do due diligence. I had to first discover what this guy’s real name is: Garbor S. Acs (that is not my real name and never was) and his company is Penny Knig Holdings (Not, wrong again! Gong! Next!) and a google search turned up the above links. (Trust in Google, it will always pull up the wrong crap on the wrong people and soon enough the world will be engulfed in gaga googlers suing each other over spreading rumors and lies and false information).

Well, something else may be developing from my day job. I met a friend of a friend whose brother-in-law invented Internet banking (Is his name Al Gore?) and made so much money from it, he’s investing some of it in film productions. (Sure! Name one!) He asked for my web site to show my stuff to his brother-in-law over the Thanksgiving holidays.

So, there’s a chance at something. (There’s always a chance that you missed your chance and you should just stick to your day job and don’t try to fool genius ever again).

And, I heard back from the Penny King. He claims the charges are false and he is being harassed. In the mind of a con, the world is against them for “working outside the box.” (From one report, from one false and misleading report, all judgments are pronounced by the wise Mikey the flim flam filmmaker who comes seeking pennies from a King yet knows not how to turn his own pennies into dollars with sound investments).

I have copies at work of the SEC reports and judgments and they look pretty real to me. (So do your delusions, but does that make them true to fact, true to life and true to experience. No man can know another man’s truth unless they walk in their shows, shews, shoes, or whatever their wearing for skin, for more than a thousand miles.)

I hear you, Darlene. After seeing copies of SEC documentation and court judgments on him, he’s bad news. He tried to steer me to read an article on one of his web sites he most likely wrote himself under another alias. (I don’t have any web sites and if he had checked All Who Is he would have had more intelligence than to make that assumption, but he is just like millions of other Ameri-“can’ts” and Ameri-cons, they cannot see past what the “authorities” have said about a man to look deep into the heart and soul to determine the true due diligence. I mean really, does anyone really honestly believe anything written by anyone who works for the government publishes anymore?).

In the latest World According to Gabriel, he says the SEC and courts beat him by default. I wonder why … a no show would do it. (Yes, if you file ten thousand pages protesting the false accusations in a federal court case and the petitioner moves for a summary judgment and you do not respond within the time frame of the rules which you have to learn as you go as you try to defend yourself against the abusive lying scoundrel government agents because you have been permanently damaged, emotionally, mentally and physically through a continuous dwindling spiral from the onslaught of legal harassment, the courts have no compassion for people who say I’m not showing up to play your stupid mind games any more…boom – guilty for failing to appear!)

Now if a lawsuit were filed against this man, and he ran out of money to pay lawyers and legal fees, then surely he too would begin to know the truth of how it all works, but what do I know, I was just asking a few questions and look what happened!

Three thousand more words upon words upon words that result in nothingness! No film. No budget! No real entertainment. Just more boring drivel!


But don’t tell this guy that Infinite Film Finance is open for business!


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