Entrepreneurship Certificate Can Lead to Being a Talent Manager

When looking for an MBA program, don’t think of the barriers of acceptance such as GMAT requirements. This just means the school really does care about its students and wants to ensure the best possible education and results for each participant.

Is Choosing a New Path the Right Way to Change Careers/Follow a Dream

  1. Hi Paym**,

I found your email id from the website. I am from Bangalore, India.

Like many others I am in a total dilemma, about the path i should follow.

Presently I am working in a top Indian IT MNC, since December 2014.I have completed by engineering graduation. However, being myself exposed to the world after that, I dream of pursuing a good career in the media industry. This wish invaded my thoughts when I became the batch captain for the arts competition held at my college.

However, presently I am working in IT field. So for the proper career change, I want to do MBA.


Though I am interested in arts and culture, I am not talented in any performing art. But I love managing talented people. So I thought I shall do an MBA from a good university ,with an elective related to this.

But still I am confused which school shall i seek and go further regarding my research to find an apt school.

I have not taken the GMAT or any English proficiency test so far.

Guidance on the Right Path for Talent Manager

Please guide me ahead, regarding the following:

1.Am I right in choosing to learn MBA for this ?

2.Shall I do any specialized MBA or a general one?

3.Which are the best schools which do not seek GMAT score.

I will be very thankful to you for your kind reply. God Bless.

Thanks and Regards,

MBA Will Help in Any Chosen Career Change

  1. You are on an excellent path and have chosen the right way to get there! An MBA will certainly enhance any direction you choose with media, or any other specialized career, as all deal with business practices in some shape or form.

Specializing in media/arts would be beneficial to your degree, as would self-employment sections or small business set up.

But you’re wrong to think you wouldn’t pass the GMAT or to find a school without this requirement. If the school does not care that the students are able to fully understand the information provided, it’s doubtful the school will be providing you with the best information! There are many online GMAT courses – and there are many low cost books/resources to help you study/prepare for the GMAT (if you don’t want to take the course). Libraries will often buy books suggested by its patrons, so start there for GMAT resources.

Consider the Entrepreneurship Certificate to Start New Career Even Sooner

Online MBA programs are one option that allows you to work/make money while getting your degree. One suggestion is Keller Graduate School of Management, as you can start with the Entrepreneurship Certificate and have it apply to your MBA. But it gives you the basics of what you want to do, as a talent manager you are an entrepreneur! You may even find you can start your new career with just this certificate, and continue with your MBA as your business grows.

Good Luck!

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